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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Shannon Stowers made his debut today against the Cowboys. He is another product of the Hibiscus Coast Raiders, like Iafeta Paleaasina and Karl Te Mata.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Clinton Toopi is back for the clash against the Cowboys. Originally ruled out for the rest of the season you have to wonder if he just didn't like Daniel Anderson and wanted to sit out the rest of the season. Thats pride in your clubs colours.
Paul Dezolt, one of the best to wear a Warriors jersey this year (not that thats saying alot), has been granted an early release from his six month contract.
Danny Sullivan has retired from Rugby League after sustaining yet another Season ending knee injury.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Alot of the media are saying that Jerry SeuSeu is only suspended for seven games. Hopefully I can stop this confusion. Jerry was charged with three offences.
He got 191 points for a Knee Lift.
601 for a Reckless High Tackle, and
97 points for a Careless High Tackle.
That all adds up to 889 points...or 8 weeks and 89 carry over points.

There is speculation he will leave the Warriors now and join Wigan (the club he will join in 2005) as Wigan prop Quention Pongia has just retired. This is unlikely.

North Harbour has been confirmed as the venue for the Kiwis v Kangaroos clash in New Zealand later this year. Waikato Stadium was also bidding for the match but pulled out because of possible clashes with Rugby.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Jerry SeuSeu will be out for a massive eight games after pleading guilty to three charges from the weekend. He was charged with a reckless high tackle, careless high tackle and contrary conduct (knee lifting).
Francis Meli and Sione Faumuina will both miss four games after being charged with a dangerous throw. I think this call is a bit harsh on Meli as it was mostly Faumuina in the tackle.
In more positive news the Warriors have made there first purchase for 2005. Nathan Fien has signed for the club for three years. He is expected to fill the hooker role next year but is a quality halfback at the North Queensland Cowboys (no, its not an oxymoron). He hs played one state of origin game for Queensland at Halfback.

Monday, June 07, 2004

If one good thing has come from losing Daniel Anderson it is that Graeme Norton looks likely to be appointed Assistant Coach under Kemp. He coached the New Zealand Superleague Nines side to world championships in 96 and 97 and in 1997 coached the NZ Tri-Series side that lost to NSW and QLD. He also coached the NZ Residents side at the World Sevens this year. Richard Blackmore could be seen as a trainer in the match against the Raiders and Duane Mann has also been bought into the staff by Kemp.

Friday, June 04, 2004

The Warriors have lost head coach Daniel Anderson. He apparently resigned yesterday. While it is unclear how much pressure management put on him to leave all of this seems to have happened since owner Eric Watson arrived back in the country. Now while I can appreciate that he is a buisness man and not a league fan, sacking the coach midseason is not the way to go in a league club. Anderson has rebuilt the side since 2001 and he was the most experienced league person at the club, like Eric Watson, CEO Mick Watson is a buisness man, not a league fan. This leaves Tony Kemp as head coach without any experience to call on - not an ideal situation. Where can the club go from here? Well I believe that the club should bring on board two experienced former coaches in advisorary roles to Kemp. So he has people next to him to ask for advice that have lived and breathed the game from many years. One of these could be Anderson. Neither should be Frank Endacott. There are plenty of ex-kiwis out there, they shouldn't be hard to find.

One posititive can be taken from this however, and that is Daniel Anderson is staying on as Kiwis coach and now can devote more time to that role. The idea of having both the role of Warriors head coach and Kiwis coach was a bad one from the start. The roles should not be held by the same individual.

Only time will tell how far the Warriors can sink from here.


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