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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Kane Ferris and Paul Aitken both made there debuts this weekend against the Sydney Roosters.
Ferris had limited game time, what you expect from a new prop, but performed well.
Aitken came on in the second half and played exceptionally well, getting smashed by Adrian Morely the first two times he touched the ball, but both times getting straight up and on with the game. He spent time at Wing and Fullback and looks to be very quick on his feet.

Ivan Cleary and Kevin Campion will both return to the club in 2005...however this time as coaching staff.
Ivan Cleary, currently a lower grades coach at the Sydney Roosters, will come on board as an Assistant Coach while Kevin Campion, playing his last year at the Cowboys, will be the defensive coach.

Captain Monty Betham has announced he will step down for next season. He believes he must accept some responsibility for the poor season and believes a new captain will help lift the team. Favourite for the position is new comer Steve Price. Kiwi Captain Ruben Wiki or Stacey Jones are both chances for the job as well.
I'm not too sure about if this is a good move for the club. Betham, while I am no great fan of him, is an excellent leader and has really developed as a captain this year. I would have prefered him to keep the job.
Steve Price will perform in the position, that is a certain bet. However coming into a side after playing in only one club for the previous 10 years will be hard for him.
Ruben Wiki would be an excellent leader and has heaps of mana but he has a tendacy to take on the judiciary, a battle no one can win.
And Stacey Jones is simply not a captain. And with his form at the moment I don't think he should even be starting at number seven, let alone leading the side next year.


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